"I have worked with photographer Anthony Notes on several occasions as a model, and our time together has been nothing but fun and productive! He maintains a peaceful, open environment and is always open to new ideas/concepts. If I have a vision, he helps me accomplish it. Anthony is a hardworking man with a genuine love for photography."

- Kelly

   "Working with Anthony was really great, I was completely comfortable being that it was my first time doing a photoshoot. I was a bit shy but he made an effort to make sure he eased me into it and was very patient with me,  which I appreciated the most about the session , my experience was great and i can't wait to work with him again!"

- Sharee

   "Anthony and I had went over some ideas on what we wanted the photoshoot to look like, meet up in person and made it happen.  The outfits we choose came together perfectly with the different locations he shot me in. He gave me good direction and feedback which really helped me during our shoot. I really liked his form of  communion with me,    it made me feel comfortable and excited to shoot more pictures. Anthony knows exactly how to conduct himself in a professional manner witch made me enjoy shooting with him. I received the pictures and I was amazed at how many options I had to choose from. I would love to work with Anthony again!"

- Madka

   "Anthony was great, from the communication of planning the shoot to being on location and bringing it to life. He made me comfortable instantly and we got some great images from our day in the woods. I can't wait to work with    him again!"

- Miranda

   "My experience shooting with Anthony Notes was the most exciting experience ever. He helped me reach my full potential that I didn't know I could accomplish. He made me feel so comfortable and confident in what I was doing.    He never shot down any of my ideas as well as anything I needed to work on, he was there to help me. I would love   to keep working with Anthony and take it to the next level."

- Malaysia

   "Anthony Notes is a great photographer to shoot with. His creativity and desire to push for something different is very unique and inspiring. We've been working together for a long time and he allows you to be comfortable with him, express your concerns and makes it as if it's a team journey for that perfect shot!” 

- Loreta

   "I've been a client of Anthony Notes for some years now and I must admit, each time is successful. Working with Anthony and his professionalism has not only encouraged me to take modeling more serious and push harder but to continue to do business with him.    He's not only been my photographer, but a great mentor. I've watched him grow and I've always been a happy customer with my images, his punctuality and skills!"

- Jacquese